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Angelina took a paycut!



If I have to read another story about the two new messiahs I’m going to barf. I mean, I thought Shilo was come to save me from myself… Now there’s 3… OMG! It’s the holy trinity here on earth! Shilo, Knox and Vivienne!!

Anyways… it seems that Angelina Jolie, and her little cub Brad Pitt, are getting paid $16MILLION for pictures of their little raisins. 16 MILLION. Now, I must say, that’s a pay cut for Angelina. I mean, she usually gets 10 Million a movie, and those usually take 2 months. That makes 5 MILLION a month! But with these two poop machines it took 9 months, 1.7 Million a month…. total downgrade.

Oh, and part of the concessions that PEOPLE is said to have made after winning the bidding war for Vivienne and Knox… They cannot use the nick name “Brangelina”. It seems little miss poopy pants, Angelina doesn’t really like the name…

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