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Angelina St John Split ways

angelina jolie st john knits

Well, some things can’t last forever. Angelina Jolie‘s relationship with St. John Knits will come to an end this fall. So why are they going seperate ways?

The upscale knitwear company is not renewing Jolie’s spokesmodel contract, saying it’s “time to do something new and different.”

“It was a great run we had with Mario Testino, David Lipman and, of course, Angelina Jolie,” the brand’s chief executive officer Glenn McMahon tells Women’s Wear Daily [via US].

“Three years is a long time to maintain any campaign, and we felt it was time to do something new and different,” he adds. “[The campaign] ties in nicely to our whole rebranding initiative.”

I love how they’re ‘rebranding’. But I have to give my two bits here. I think Angelina Jolie has jumped the shark. I don’t know when it happened, but I think a lot of people are just so tired of her and all the kids, and just how perfect everything seems to be. Call it jealousy or just AJ overload…. either way… I think it’s true.


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