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Angelina Lets the Reporter Have It


Angelina Jolie finally said what the rest of the world was thinking during the press junket for Beowulf.

Us Magazine has the story that during the junket, Angelina was asked about W Magazine putting both Angelina and Jennifer Aniston (and 7 other people) on it’s November covers to see who would sell better.

“Why would I comment on that?” Jolie snapped when asked about it at a Beverly Hills press conference for her upcoming flick Beowulf Saturday. “That matters because….”

I LOVE IT!!!! I can’t believe the “reporter” had the guts to even ask that question.

I’m going to have T-Shirts made with That Matters Because… printed on the front.

She also went on to talk about holiday cooking, and how she doesn’t cook.

Go to US to read the whole thing.