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Angelina Jolie Must Be A Saint


If you didn’t know it already, Angelina Jolie, is a saint.  Yes, you and I might just see her as another actress who needs to eat a burger, but to many of the children who attend the Okanimekwa school in Namibia, she is someone VERY special.

“She’s a very special person, and we’ll never forget her,” 16-year-old student Emiliana Shikongo tells Life & Style. “She must be a holy person,” adds another student, Andreas Kristofelius, 17. “I think Angelina Jolie must be a saint.”

So what’s with the adoration? In 2006 Angelina and baby daddy Brad Pitt chose to have their first biological child, Shilo Jolie-Pitt, in Namibia. So, when they sold the first photos of Shilo, reportedly for $4 Million, Brad and Angelina donated the money to the children at the Namibian school, as well as other world wide charities.

Does that make Angelina a saint? No. But it certainly did make an impact on these children and their communities, so no snarky comments from me this time.

Images by Fame Pictures