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Angelina Jolie As Marilyn Monroe?!!!!

Angelina Jolie cast as Marilyn Monroe for upcoming movie?

Whatever producer’s assistant that came up with this casting either deserves to be FIRED because it’s so awful, or needs a hefty bonus due to the press it’s drumming up for the movie.

Jolie is said to be the forerunner in the part of Marilyn for the movie adaptation of The Life and Opinions of Maf The Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe. Oh, but it gets even better. Maf the dog was a present from Frank Sinatra, who may be played by….. wait for it…. George Clooney!

Andrew O’Hagan, who wrote the book The Life and Opinions of Maf The Dog, and of His Friend Marilyn Monroe, has revealed that the Salt star is being considered in the Hollywood adaptation of his novel.

While speaking at the Edinburgh Book Festival, O’Hagen also revealed that Clooney would play Monroe’s friend Frank Sinatra in the biopic, reports [IBN]

The book is about the last two years of Monroe’s life, told by the viewpoint of Maf the dog.

See what I mean, though. Clooney wouldn’t be a good Sinatra either. Sorry George. You need some skinny bean pole of a guy. This match up between Jolie and Clooney seems like it was only thrown out there to get press, and since I’m talking about it, it’s working. I hate myself for it.

More pics of Angelina Jolie at the premier of SALT in London below!

Images via Bauer Griffin
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