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Angelina does the mom thing

angelina jolie walking with all the kids in new orleans

Who knew you could get all of them together at the same time!!! Angelina Jolie took, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, and Shilo out to the store while in New Orleans this weekend. Someone doesn’t look too happy. Shilo is NOT digging being out and about. I’m surprised Angie let her eat Cheetos!!! Shilo probably wanted more and Angie took them away, telling her only Britney Spears and BusyBee eat the whole bag at once.

Listen to your mother Shilo. Cheetos are nothing but a slow downfall that leads to stained hands and a broken heart. (tear)

angelina-jolie-kids-new-orleans.jpg shilonothappycheetos.jpg angelinashilozaharamaddox.jpg joliekidscrossingthestreet.jpg