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Angelina and Brad rumors cleared up?


There must be a new intern at PEOPLE magazine. Or they’re as bored as the rest of us with this no news week that’s going on. Anyways, PEOPLE decided to take on a few of the rumors surrounding Brad and Angie, none that I really give a crap about, but you know, it will get hits on their site, and gives me something to talk about.

Liquid Diet?
Rumor: Angelina is on a liquid diet that has caused her to shed so much weight that she recently passed out on a film set.
Truth: “Angie is very happy and healthy,” says a source close to the actress.
(hmmmm being happy and healthy doesn’t answer the question, but I’ll give it a pass)

Adopting again?
Rumor: Angelina and Brad are adding to their family, this time adopting in the Philippines. Truth: Another non-starter, fresh on the heels of erroneous reports the couple were adopting in India.

Rumor: Brad and Angelina are expecting another child.
Truth: Their twins, Viv and Knox don’t turn 1 until July.
wait a minute… what does the twins not even being 1 yet have to do with whether or not she’s preggers? I know peeps who got pregnant immediately after their last kid. This is a non-answer

Suburban Sprawl?
Rumor: Now living on New York’s Long Island, the glamour couple now frequent such places as Dunkin’ Donuts.
Truth: Yep, they’re living a quiet life these days and were recently spotted grocery shopping at Stop & Shop.

I notice they didn’t address the breakup rumors…. Or Brad and the Nanny… I’m just sayin’


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