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An Unexpected Review of “175 Best Mini Pie Recipes Sweet To Savory”

175 Best Mini Pie Recipes Sweet To Savory cover


This book, “175 Best Mini Pie Recipes – Sweet to Savory” by Julie Anne Hession, was “borrowed” TWICE before I could complete my review.  Usually, my book reviews are pretty tame. Even when I really really like a book. But this time, there’s a really good story to go along with “175 Best Mini Pie Recipes – Sweet to Savory”.

I tend review my books within 2 weeks. That gives me enough time to read it and if it’s a recipe book, to try out one or two of the recipes. But this time, I’ve been sitting on this for a while.

175 Best Mini Pie Recipes Sweet To Savory  fold over pies

I was all set to write my review about a week ago. I just needed to take a few photos and make one of the really easy and tasty recipes for mini pies. (You don’t need any special equipment I promise). I looked all over my house for this Mini Pie book but could not find it anywhere. Finally, I gave up and asked Dad Bee where it was. Did I take it somewhere?

Ummmm, yeah about that. Turns out a friend of ours was visiting and took it home with her. That’s normally fine since I let friends take the books I’m done with so they can make the recipes, but I wasn’t done with it!!!

I got in touch with her and asked her to take a few photos of the book for me. Ummm yeah about that. Turns out her adult son, who leads backpacking trips in Mammoth, saw the book and he “borrowed” it as well. I HAVE NEVER HAD A BOOK STOLEN TWICE! That’s how much everyone around here liked the Mini Pie book.

175 Best Mini Pie Recipes Sweet To Savory savory recipe photo

Hession takes on the task of making the classic dessert into the new “it” dessert. Cupcakes are so 10 years ago, Mini Pies are easier to eat, and more fun in my opinion. And like I said earlier, she makes it simple, you don’t need any new equipment, no special pie tins. Hession makes the Mini Pies in tart shells, galletes, hand pies (folded over pies), and even pie pops. They run the gamete of the expected sweet fruit and dessert pies, to the savory dinner Mini Pies. Those savory Mini Pies are the more novel items, and everyone wanted to try their hand at those.

175 Best Mini Pie Recipes Sweet To Savory  pie pops

Here is the review of the Mini Pies from my friend who is a back packing guide in Mammoth –

I have been in the backcountry, in the Eastern Sierra’s. It was great to “borrow” your mini pie recipe book. The morning that I left on my backpacking trip, I whipped up a batch of the yummy, Maple-Glazed Pumpkin Pies. They were so easy to make! I did manage to save a few for my trip. I just wrapped them in foil. They were perfect for my first night out dessert! I also made the Potato, Leek, Gorgonzola tarts. I had time to freeze them after I put them in a plastic container. Talk about “ruffing it in style”. My two friends that I went with couldn’t believe how delicious they were, yes, I shared. Anyway, I am looking forward to trying many more recipes from the book. Told my friends, now they are on the look out for the book.

How cool is that! Pies in the Mammoth backcountry from your guide. These Mini Pies would make good lunches as well. A lot easier than putting a slice of pie in a lunch box.

When you get a copy of 175 Best Mini Pie Recipes Sweet To Savory I suggest you get two copies. People will want to borrow it permanently.

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  1. OMG I’m heading to Powells right now to buy this book! YUM!