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Amy's husband writes love letters…

To someone else. And I wouldn’t exactly call them “love letters”. They’re more of cracked out drug filled dirty porn letters, that have been rubbed on the floor of the locker room. ICK!

The SUN is reporting that Amy Winehouse’s husband, Blake Civil-Fielder, has been writing to a female inmate, Melissa Goldstone, after she wrote him wishing him luck in kicking heroin. Oh and Lissy’s in jail for selling drugs. PERFECT! So of course from encouragement, letters naturally went to x-rated drug filled ickiness.

In one such letter… (oh gawd i’m gonna puke)

““I’ll bend you all over the place, with my hand round your throat…

I squeeze your throat whilst your s****** me and I ask you if your a dirty b***h…

At most we’ve got to wait ten weeks for the best snog of our lives!! Miss you Lissy, love and rockets, your Blakey x x x.”

He also says that he and Amy are just “friends” now… and they she might be into joining him and Melissa… oh blech!

To read more of the letters… click here…

I think I’m going to go and be sick now.