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Amy Winehouse, in Bloody Brawl with Hubby


I think I’m going to cry. I am so sad about Amy Winehouse and her husband fighting all the time, and that they’re not getting help.

It seems that it’s been getting even worse. It seems Amy and Blake were in a knock down drag out fight the other night at the hotel they were staying at. It apparently got so intense that Amy RAN OUT OF THE HOTEL AND FLAGGED DOWN A RANDOM CAR!!!! The car was filled with girls, and they gave her a ride down the street to a gas station where she bought cigarettes. Blake attempted to run after the car, but didn’t get far.

Click here for pictures of the two following their fight. Sad Sad Sad

What in the WORLD is going on here? This is not healthy, or happy. What makes it even more interesting is this was a 5 star hotel, and with all of this the couple was not asked to pack up and leave!!! I know if I ran out bloody, with my man chasing me, I’d be asked to leave.