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Amy Winehouse Caught on Tape

I hate to say it, but it was only a matter of time. The SUN has photos of Amy Winehouse allegedly smoking crack. That’s right, crack.

Amy threw the party at her trendy home in the early hours of Friday — just before she went to court to support husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL at a remand hearing.

Within seconds of greeting pals at the door, she greedily snorted powdered ecstasy offered on the corner of a credit card.

Minutes later, with her head swimming, she is seen on the video being offered cocaine.

A friend cautions her not to take too much because the drug is from a highly-concentrated stash.

But Amy disregards the warning and hungrily snorts a clump.

Dang, girl! And she’s blonde in the pics, so they’re new. GET IT TOGETHER!!!

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