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Amy Winehouse at the Grammys

This was moment I had been waiting for!!! AMY WINEHOUSE FOR THE GRAMMYS!!!! She performed “No Good” and “Rehab.” Fitting don’t ya think?

And, I hate to say it, though she looked better that she had been, I was disappointed. What was with the speaking out the side of the mouth stuff??? It is still worth watching. At least she was coherent, right? Totally digging the shout out to her incarcerated lover man though.. “MY BLAKE!!!”

It was a good “comeback” for not really having performed for about a year…. and not as bad as another Rehabbed pop star… I’m just sayin’

And to go along with it, her acceptance speech for Best Record Grammy. She looks absolutely floored, and I don’t blame her. Her speech is sweet, even for her “Blake Incarcerated”.