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Amy going to Rehab?

amy winehouse and husband

Yeah, we know it’s not all that likely, but with her husband in custody until mid January, the Daily Mail is saying that Amy Winehouse is considering treatment following her UK tour dates.

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prettyonetheoutside amywinehouse portrait

“Amy has always been against rehab, it’s been her one rule but her family and friends are working on getting her to do it,” says a friend.

“Amy finishes her current tour in the middle of December. She has promised to consider going to The Priory (treatment facility) if she doesn’t get clean over Christmas. She is miserable and, with her husband in jail, she has reached an all-time downer.

“The fact is Amy’s shambolic appearances have been losing her fans, and ultimately it’s losing her business.

There have been some serious talks between Amy and her management, who are trying to convince her that in order to continue her success she needs to sort out her private life.

Well, I wish her luck either way. Having her husband in jail during the holidays is not going to be easy. Hopefully her family will be supportive and upbeat for her.