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Ambulances at Tiger Woods Home UPDATE

Professional golfer Tiger Woods swings to get his ball out of the sand trap at the World Golf Championships in Miami, Florida.

From OK Magazine
OK! has spotted one sheriff, four fire/rescue vehicles and two ambulances with sirens and lights blazing rush into into Tiger Woods’ Islesworth community gates. We don’t know if this is in anyway connected to the Tiger, but we’ll keep you updated!

UPDATE 3:36 p.m.: No worries for Tiger Woods, it seems — OK! spoke to police at the scene, who say the reason the emergency vehicles were present is a gas leak at the country club nowhere near the golfer’s home. However Officer Mary Ann Knuckles would not comment as to whether the presence of the four fire trucks and two ambulances with police escorts is a usual reaction to a gas leak.

This sounds fishy. I live and work near very chi chi areas in SoCal and i have NEVER heard of the police AND firetrucks AND ambulance being sent out for a simple gas leak where NO ONE was injured. Just my two cents.


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