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Alli Simms gets Served


Alli Simms, Britney Spear’s, ‘cousin’ and former assistant, now pop star wannabe, was served by Kevin Federline’s attorney.

Life and Style had these details

At the time of serving, Alli was at an LA house party, and was “absolutely angry” about what was happening, says an eyewitness. Only a few hours earlier, Brit was having dinner in LA with two male friends, totally unaware of the unfolding drama.

Life & Style has learned that the documents state that Alli will be grilled about everything from A to Z about Brit’s parenting skills – including whether she changes diapers, and whether the mom of two drinks too much.

The papers were served by Aaron Cohen, who owns IMS-Security, an elite Hollywood security firm made up of Israeli Counter Terror commandos.

Israeli Counter Terror Commandos?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! That’s intense! But I guess when it comes to divorces, in LA or anywhere else, it can get that messy.