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All Natural SAAS Hot Sauce Has Quite The Kick!


Holy Cow! I have to telly you I am not usually impressed with hot sauce. It’s usually just some sort of variation of Tabasco, or Cholula or something like that. Nothing special and more of the same.

BUT! I got a few bottles of SAAS Hot Sauce the other day, and I have to say, WOW!

SAAS hot sauce is all natural (a big plus) with no preservatives (bigger plus), and HOT! I took a taste of the original hot sauce as soon as I got it home, and my immediate reaction was “WHOA”. It’s a blend of fresh purees of red jalapenos, orange habeneros and onions. Now don’t misunderstand me, it’s not melt your face off hot, but there is an immediate kick with actual flavor. Not just heat. Imagine that! And it’s thicker, like a barbecue sauce. Not thin and liquidy, making it easier to measure out.


The onion and garlic flavor (also all natural) is especially flavorful. Onion and Garlic flavor hot sauce uses only the freshest onions combined with garlic, honey, and orange habaneros to bring you a tangy and sweet addition to any meal. Also on the heat index, but not as hot as the original flavor. I added this to my black beans to give it some flavor, and it certainly did! I’m a big lightweight with any heat, so I added some corn to my black beans to calm the heat down. But everyone else in the house thought it was just great without adding the corn.

We all decided that the original would be GREAT on chicken wings, instead of buffalo sauce. Grill the wings and put the sauce right on top or mix with some ranch or blue cheese dip.

I would also add either one of the sauces to my cucumber dish. Chopped cucumbers, maybe some red onion, then add the sauce to taste. The cucumber adds come cool to balance the sauce.

You can buy SAAS online, or find your local store at their website.

This is a sponsored post for SAAS hot sauce. All editorial content is BusyBeeBlogger’s own. 

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  1. I am a huge hot sauce fan!

  2. The onion and garlic one sounds really yummy to me!

  3. I like me some of that elephant hot sauce.