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All About Speed On Top Chef Texas Tonight Preview [video]

These chef’testants may have survived last week’s wrath of the evil queen, but the competition is only getting harder. This week’s quickfire challenge is all about speed, with only 30 minutes to prep the meal, some chef’testants may be left without a dish when the clock runs out.

And later, the chef’s go head-to-head with an opponent of their choosing. Each pair chooses one dish that they will both make, but whoever’s dish the judges like least is at risk of being sent home for good.

Use #BRAVOTopChef when tweeting tonight!

BRAVO’s Top Chef: Texas, Wednesday 1/25 @ 10/9c

Racing The Clock –
The chefs are paired up and they must race to get their dishes completed in the very short amount of time.

Big Plans But No Time –
The chefs are definitely frazzled as there is never enough time to execute their dishes.

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