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Ali Larter… Engaged

Ali Larter Hayes MacArthur engaged

Ok so let’s see, it seems that everyone is getting married or having babies. Yup, it’s the holidays!!!!

Next on the list?

Heroes co-star Ali Larter and actor Hayes MacArthur got engaged over the weekend. (oh is this the part where I get excited?) YIPPIE!!!!!!

“They got engaged this weekend,” Larter’s rep tells “They’re overjoyed!”

This will be the first marriage for both MacArthur, 30, and Larter, 31, a former fashion model.

You know, with the amount of engagements, and the announcements about how fantastically overjoyed everyone is, I WANT DETAILS!!!! I want to know how she just lost it and started doing the ugly cry, with snot flying everywhere. Ok, maybe not.

It’s just a suggestion…