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After Dinner Dessert Cocktails With An Italian Touch

Lucano Ice Cream Cocktail

Italian Dessert Cocktail Recipes

Everyone loves to linger after a nice dinner. Have something sweet with a coffee, and enjoy a conversation with friends. If you want something new to serve your guests after dinner try one of these two dessert cocktails with an Italian touch of Amaro Lucano. The Lucano Espresso combines the two after dinner traditions into one. Looking for a sweeter lighter fare? You can lighten things up with the Lucano Ice Cream recipe, creamy ice cream with Amaro Lucano served in a gorgeous glass. Either cocktail will be a delicious cap to a festive dinner.

Enjoy the Italian dessert cocktails after the jump.

Lucano Ice Cream Recipe

  • 3 white sugar cubes
  • .5 oz of still water
  • 2 scoops of cream flavour ice cream
  • 3 bar spoons of Amaro Lucano

(Photo Above)

Put the sugar cubes in the shaker and add 25 ml of still water, add two scoops of cream flavour ice cream. Then add three bar spoons of Amaro Lucano and shake.  Serve in a beautiful etched cocktail glass for a bit of old world charm. This is an especially good treat if you are looking for cold and creamy.

Lucano Espresso Italian After Dinner Cocktail

Espresso Lucano

  • 1 long espresso
  • .5 oz liquid sugar
  • 1 oz Amaro Lucano
  • Pour ingredients into an espresso glass.
  • Mix and serve.

These would be beautiful served in an espresso glass or in silver rimmed espresso cup.

Each drink features Amaro Lucano, an Italian herbal liqueur blended with more than 30 herbs. The rare herbs and roots give it an unmistakable flavor that pairs well with your dessert table. Lucano has brought family together for years, so don’t drop the egg, give your family a delicious end to the day.

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