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Adrianne Curry Responds to Florence Henderson's Dis

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While Florenece Henderson, former Brady Bunch mommy, was promoting her new movie Hallmark Channel movie Ladies of the House, she made her opinion known about Christopher Knight’s choice in a wife. (who he met, on the Surreal Life and later starred with in 2 seasons of My Fair Brady.) Christopher’s wife is America’s Next Top Model alum Adrianne Curry.

While Florence admitted that she offered her advice to Chris and Adrianne before their 2006 marriage, she then sighed, adding, “Maybe [now] I’ll come and counsel the divorce.”

Well, never one to take things lying down, though claiming to take the high road… Adrianne Curry responded how she always does… on her Myspace Blog.. here’s the highlights…

July 9, 2008 – Wednesday

I forgive Florence…

She may not be asking for it, but I am going to give it to her. I am sorry she is acting this way, and am a little embarrassed for her. I was nothing but nice to her when we met, and she had it out for me before I said a word. I even hope her tv movie does well, since she is so desperate to generate attention for it. I pray she has the right mind to at least give my husband a call and apologize to HIM. She disrespected him and hurt him in her attempt for attention. If she loves him as much as she says, I know she will do the right thing. I wish this could have worked out better. Lord knows I tried to connect with “this person”, but it is obvious that it was never meant to be. I just wish she could be more professional about this. It’s weird to have someone on the level of Mr Rogers and Barney hate you. I must be the bad child ; )

So, let her talk. She doesn’t know me, doesn’t speak to Chris EVER, and has no idea what our life is like with each other. She is allowed to have her opinion, even make up lies about us. I just wish she had the grace and dignity to keep it to herself. I’m moving on wih my life and not giving this another thought.

Bring on the next day in my Surreal Life! ; )

So what do you think? Should Adrianne have responded at all?

What about Florence Henderson’s statement that started this?

Do you think they’re in kahoots to bring more press to both of them?

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