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Adrianne Curry on Pam and Jessica

adrianne curry stars and straps

It seems that everyone’s a buzz about Pamela Anderson‘s warm and fuzzy words for Jessica Simpson. Don’t know? click here. Fellow Playmate, Adrianne Curry, dropped her 2 cents in on her myspace blog.

Recently it has been going around that the beautiful Pam Anderson ripped into Jessica Simpson for wearing “Real girls eat Meat” shirt. She called her a BITCH and a WHORE. Now I love Pam, but if she wanted to help bring Jessica to “the other side” perhaps she should have showed some grace and offered some useful knowledge to Jessica instead? There is nothing that upsets me more than when two women I have spent years drooling over are at arms. I think they should have sex and make up….in front of me.

I think they should just do a full on catfight, ala Paris Hilton and Shanna, that would be freaking awesome. Poppa Joe could make a TON of cash by putting that on Pay Per View!

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