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Acceptable? More like Necessary.

nigella muffin

One of our all time favorite TV cooks comes from the UK. Nigella Lawson has had some press here in the States, and even recently her show was picked up by the Food Network. Now if you don’t know Nigella, she was profiled on 60 minutes a few years ago, is shown on the Today show from time to time and her licking a spoon while making cupcakes has been referred to in many reviews. YUM!

Anyways, our dear “Domestic Goddess” was on a show in the UK last December. And the host referred to her as a MILF. (DUH!) Well, someone got offended at this statement, and a few others he made during the show. (If you don’t know what MILF is watch American Pie, or just “Google” it).

A committee comparable to our FCC looked in to the complaint and had this to say:

The committee said that when referring to Lawson as a “Milf”, Ross “did not spell out what the ‘f’ actually stood for… this kept it within the bounds of acceptability for that audience in that slot”.

We think that it is not only acceptable to call Nigella a MILF but necessary most of the time. Just watch her as she prepares a lamb shoulder for friends, and you’ll know what we mean. ;-)

For more common sense statements from the UK’s committee click on the jump!

The committee said Ross had a “very well-established reputation for robust humour and language”.

And it concluded: “As to audience expectation regarding the general content of the programme, the committee was aware that this was a post-watershed programme that was firmly set in adult viewing time after 10.30pm.

“It recognised that the style and format of the programme, which had been running since 2001, would have been well known to the audience watching. It was therefore satisfied that the programme content had been within the audience’s expectations.”

Now why can’t the FCC make statements like that? Basically saying, “you knew it was an offensive host, he’s been on the air for years. What did you expect? PUPPIES AND KITTENS?”

To brighten your weekend, here is more of our dear Nigella :-* MUAH!

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