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Aaron Eckhart heads to Battle:Los Angeles Comic Con

Actor Aaron Eckhart arrives at The Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, CA on July 22, 2010 to attend Comic Con 2010 held at the San Diego Convention Center.

Eckhart, was part of the panel for Battle: Los Angeles (official website? This movie looks killer! Also costarring Michelle Rodriguez, is about an alien attack on Los Angeles. It’s told from an embedded footage point view of a group of Marines try to rescue as many people as they can, and kill “whatever” this invader is.

“We wanted something that literally alien,” Jonathan Liebesman said. “We designed something that had an almost a hint of biomechanical to it. And I haven’t seen anything like this before.”

The point-of-view look generated a lot of discussion during the Q&A.

“When I saw 40 minutes of this the other day, I literally grabbed my hands like an Xbox,” described Rodriguez. “It’s really like a first-person shooter game.”
Eckhart, meanwhile, said he was convinced to do the movie by Liebesman, who showed him a presentation involving soldiers doing urban combat in Fallujah to show how he wanted to shoot the movie.

“We made a war movie. With aliens. Jonathan brought me to the part.” [VS]

Aliens blowing up Los Angeles? Count me in!

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