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A nice kitty, Blind Item


Today’s Blind Items – Kindness

This is not something terribly dramatic, but I just felt like posting a kindness today. This C list actress/writer/producer on a very hit television comedy had noticed all of these photos of a missing cat on telephone poles and in windows. She didn’t really think much about it, but a day or two after she first saw the pictures, she met a little girl who was standing with her mom on the corner and they were putting up more pictures. So, our actress to be kind asked about the cat, and found it that it had been the girl’s cat and that she had literally had it from almost the day she was born and she was now 8. The mother and daughter recognized our actress and they took some photos with a cell phone camera and our actress signed an autograph on one of the cat posters. The cat had managed to get outside when the front door had been left open by the cable guy.

Anyway, about a week goes by and our actress called the family to see if they had found the cat and they had not and had given up hope. The next day, our actress stopped by their house along with two other members of the show and dropped off a brand new kitten to the little girl.

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