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A little note from K-DUB!!!

Kendra Wilkinson San Diego Chargers

A little note from K-DUB!!!

Kendra Wilkinson gets a little deep on her myspace

moment im in lol

i just wanted to share a little of my life behind the scenes in this blog just so we r a little bit more connected n so u know where im at.
We are currently shooting season 5 right now n i am having so much fun with all these advetures we r doing. As u probably know i bought a condo last year in san diego, well i have had renters in there for a year now and i just bought a new place but this time its a house. I am very thankful for every little thing that is happening in my life and i always wonder, why me?? I never in my wildest dreams thought i would ever own a house! Back when i lived in San Diego i kinda just lived day by day n never really looked past the moment i was in cuz i didnt think anything else really existed to me and now here i am living in a mansion, owning a house, going to crazy parties n getting the chance to explore life.
Staying true to myself n having a good heart is what i believed guided me n what is still guiding me. Even if this all went away, i would still have myself n i would still be happy cuz of my truth n honesty n good people i let in my life that care about me!
People love to compare Holly, Bridget and I all the time n comment on whos better, whos hotter, whos smarter bla bla bla but its easy to do that when u only see like 5 mins of each of us every sunday n i understand that but all i know is..I am me! I look in the mirror everyday n thank god im alive and healthy! I shaped myself by my own mistakes ive made n im still shaping myself n learning. One day im going to write a book and hope teens read it n listen cuz i went through tough shit as a teen n survived n i would love to help people goin through shit like i did.
Life is crazy n it takes a crazy person to live life hahaha i will always live every day to the fullest and never look past the moment im in n thats what makes me KDUB hahahaha!! ok enough of me haha love all u n i appreciate everything!! haha

Oh ya and for those who wanna know who i want to win in this Superbowl..i think i would have to unfortunately say the Pats but only for ONE reason and that reason is JUNIOR SEAU!!!!! HE DESERVES A RING!!!! hahahaaa!!!! but if J seau wasnt on Pats then i wouldnt even watch it hahahajk