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A Holiday Heads Up – Drinking And Driving DOUBLES This Time Of Year

info graphic top i drive safely

Hey little bees. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but don’t forget the designated driver when you jolly.

During the Christmas/New Year festivities, alcohol related DEATHS more than double!!! That’s nothing you want in your stocking, and this pinup likes you much better when you’re not behind bars.

My friends at IDriveSafely have a great little infographic about how a little too many hot buttered rums can impair your ability to get the sleigh to grandma’s house.

And in case you were wondering just HOW MUCH ALCOHOL is in that festive drink, here’s a hint!

how much alcohol is in your drink

To see more about getting your yule tide bottom home safely, you can see the rest of the infographic here.

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  1. REALLY good reminder for people! I’ve given up drinking pretty much, don’t miss it really…

  2. This is a great reminder, especially living in Los Angeles!

  3. It is so important not to drink and drive at the Holiday season

  4. My policy at the holidays is not to drink at all if I am driving safer

  5. A great reminder, people forget and think they can handle their alcohol when they usually cannot

  6. There are so many stupid people on the road these days

  7. How awful would it be to have an accident on a holiday??

  8. Yeah, don’t be a douche and drink and drive

  9. They key is to have a designated driver

  10. I couldn’t ever get behind the wheel after drinking – too dangerous!