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A Dream – Gelato University

Once upon a time, this little pinup went to Austria, and fell in love. No, not with a man. More importantly, I fell for gelato. Creamy, wonderful, fruity, omg delicious, gelato.

That was over 11 years ago, and I have only found ONE place in the California that has gelato worth eating. But it’s a bit of a drive, which may be a good thing because I would be 500 lbs and in a sugar coma.

Once Dad Bee and I returned home from Europe, we both wanted to make gelato. The mysterious gelato. No matter how I made it, something just wasn’t right. So, THIS became a dream. The Gelato Univeristy in Italy. I have no idea how I will get there, or when. Then there’s the small detail about me not speaking Italian.

But this will happen! I promise. Everyone needs a goal, right?

Photographs for TIME by Michele Borzoni / TerraProject

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