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80s Drama On The Real Housewives Of Orange County [Video]

This is season of RHoOC is just more crap than I can handle. And the Bunco party that Tamra was holding is just a prime example. (And can I say, that every bunco party I’ve been to here in SoCal is merely an excuse for housewives to get plastered and talk poorly about their husbands. Not. Joking)

So, Tamra had everyone dress up in 80s gear, and then when tension was just too much to take, she brought in all the husbands! Well, not ALL the husbands and boyfriends. Just the ones that she wanted to bring and would cause a nice ruckus. (Tamra is trying way too hard to be the center of everyone’s universe. Really. I mean, stop it. I know she went through a crappy divorce and all, but she needs to have a little bit of decorum. )

Tonight’s episode is just going to be more of a mess. Especially with Slade getting confronted about that Improv set he did that slammed almost everyone in the group.

Check it out tonight on Bravo Tuesday Mar 13 @9/8c.

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