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6 Ways To De-Stress and Let Go

Simple Ways To De-Stress

How to relax when stress takes over

You need to de-stress. Work, the holidays, family, politics and just having to get things done on time! All of these can lead to some moments of overwhelming stress. Don’t turn and punch a hole in the wall, instead use one of these six stress relieving techniques to let is go.

1. Hit the road

As in take a walk. Or a run. Or do some yoga. Whatever gets your blood flowing, your body moving and you breathing. If it helps you to get away from the stress inducing situation all the better. Exercise, including walking, has been shown to reduce stress. Seeing natural light instead of those fluorescent ones in your office all day, also has a relaxing benefit.

Keep a set of walking or running shoes at your desk at work just in case you need to take a breather. You don’t need to go far, it can be just around the block, or through the hallways. Taking the stairs for a few flights can also add in some tush lifting benefits. Win-win!

2. Color Yourself Happy

Using Coloring Books to reduce stress is not just a new fad for adults, it has also been found to be as good as meditation at relieving stress. While we just used to go into the kids section of the bookstore and choose something like animals at the farm, luckily there are now adult coloring books that are less juvenile and absolutely beautiful. There are TONS of adult coloring books that are works of art, as well as soothing and have inspirational quotes available online.  There are even have adult coloring books for the holidays if you want to get into a festive mood.

3. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is more than overpriced lavender and patchouli oil you find in zen shops. Deepak Chopra’s center for wellness often uses aromatherapy integrated in their wellness programs.

Essential oils are synergistic blends of chemical compounds that plants produce to defend themselves against pathogens and to communicate with other plants and animals. When properly used, they can calm nerves, uplift your spirits, and soothe a variety of seasonal ailments.

We are partial to citrus scents, as these are brightening. Grapefruit essential oil has even been found to have anti-depressant properties. You can mix your own, like these stress reducing aromatherapy recipes, or you can buy them already mixed, like this Relax Blend for Target. Add them to a nice warm bath and you have two wonderfully stress reducing therapies together.  Ahhhh.

5. Breathe

It may sound simple and somewhat silly, but taking time to take a breath can really help you to de-stress and relax. Wehn you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed take a long slow deep breath and focus on your exhale. It is the slow exhales that reduce the stress and anxiety in the body.

6. Have a (Healthy) Snack

When you get triggered into a stressful situation, take a moment and evaluate if you are really this angry, stressed, worried, etc… or are you also hungry?  If you are not eating the right foods your stress levels can be hard to control. Keep protein shakes at your desk ready to mix for a quick snack. Nuts, trail mix, popcorn and apples do well in the office, too. Just try to stay away from high sugar and other empty calorie snacks.

Try any of these relaxing and stress relieving tips at work, and through the holiday season and let us know how they work for you.

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