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2009 Nautica Malibu triathlon

So it seems that Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Lopez competed in the Malibu triathlon this weekend. SO WHAT! Sure, J-lo got all the press, even going on national TV to talk about her training, but that’s easy when you have people to watch your kids, make a meal, and you aren’t having to get up for work at 7AM.

No the REAL star is my friend, SK, who is fabulous. She works, and goes to school full time, as well as training for this tri and other races.

So there, celebs. Eat that!

Here are more pics of JLo her hubby Marc Anthony, Felicity Huffman, and Cindy Crawford at the Malibu Tri. Oh, and that’s my friend SK and her training buddies.

She’s almost as awesome as me. ;-)

and now that i think about it, JLo isn’t that bad either. Good on you girl


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