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Star Struck Parents (heart) Maddox Jolie


What would YOU do if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie brought one of their brood to YOUR school? It seems that the wealthy parents that bring their kids to the Lycee School have been hounding the Pitt/Jolie group. surprised?

“I’m sure you are aware the school has received much media attention recently during the arrival and dismissal times because of the presence of celebrities Ms. Angelina Jolie and/or Mr. Brad Pitt. I want to make you aware that before the first day of school I met with their security team to discuss the best manner in which for them to drop off and pick up their son. Our foremost goal was to cause the least amount of disruption to the school and to ensure the security of all of our students and families.”

“Regretfully, I have seen some parents taking pictures, asking for autographs, talking to the media and even shouting at Ms. Jolie and Mr. Pitt for recognition. Therefore, in the best interests of the school and safety of your child(ren) I must ask for everyone to please respect the family’s privacy and discontinue these practices.”

You know Maddox Jolie loves this. It’s all he’s really known. “I’m a star!” “They LOVE me”

And it’s true Mad. We love you!