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Lohan in Divorce Papers… not a shock


I really don’t like doing news on Lohan. And though I posted a story link on her being in a divorce scandal, I wasn’t planning of writing on it. Until now!

This is tasty.

It has been rumored that Lindsay Lohan got it on in the BATHROOM of her rehab facility with another addict. Woohoo! That’s healthy choices there.

Anyways. Everyone around the addict (LL) denies that it happened, saying it’s against her rehab’s policy. Yeah, like that stops an addict!

But now, there are divorce papers that “name” Lindsay without naming her. Does that make sense?

So here we have the divorce papers between British heiress Stephanie Allen and Tony Allen (as in US rocker from Dead Stays Alive). Reportedly Tony had sex with Lindsay Lohan when they were both at the same rehab facility, and now Stephanie Allen has filed for divorce and claims that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” She also cites habitual drug addiction, cruel treatment, and. . . wait for it. . . adultery.

Lindsay’s name might not be mentioned, they do say that the “defendant’s conduct with another woman” was covered in the gossip mags, and include clippings of the articles that mention the alleged relationship with Lindsay

Delicious! I love that it says something about a woman named in the tabloids. It’s like saying, oh gee I have no idea while pointing at someone.