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Gilles Marini with the family

Gilles Marini Juliana Marini

So I’m sitting here watching last night’s Brothers & Sisters on the DVR when I find these pics of Gilles Marini. Can this man be any more attractive?    He’s very good looking and loves his wife and his kids.

Gilles and his wife, Carole, took the family to the farmers market yesterday (November 1).  While there, his youngest, Juliana,  seemed to be having a bad day.  Throwing a bit of a tantrum.  But Gilles took care of the situation, even putting flowers in his daughter’s hair.

There is nothing more wonderful than a man who cares for his wife, and family.

Gilles and his family even went trick or treating this weekend.  The whole family dressed up!   You can see the pics at his Twitter account (@gillesmarini)

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