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Raise a Glass! It’s National Red Wine Day

Wine barrels and crushed wine grapes

October 15th is National Red Wine Day

Today, October 15th, is National Red Wine Day. As if many of you needed an actual day to celebrate red wine, right?

Looking for a new red wine to try for this National Red Wine Day? You could pair up your favorite wine to your pop culture obsession of the moment, or reach for a classic. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy.

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Music in the Park: What to Pack

Carlsbad CA TGIF jazz in the park summer music
TGIF Jazz In The Park photo via City Of Carlsbad Facebook Page

Summer time is a perfect time to enjoy the Southern California lifestyle.  During the summer months here in Southern California we have a lot of “in the park” events.  The Carlsbad Jazz in the park series is quite the must do with families and young professionals in the area.  Vista has the Moonlight Theatre plays that are outdoors, and there are countless other events that take advantage of our wonderful weather.   But what to bring?

In Carlsbad, during the Jazz in the Park events, you are allowed to bring wine along with outside food, and your own chairs.  The wine part is what has most of my friends excited.  When we all get together at one of these outdoor summer events we all pack a couple of blankets, one to lie on and another to wrap up in, just in case it gets a little chilly.  There will also be plenty of food.  Either sandwiches, or as I like to do, lots of snacks.  Don’t forget the napkins, some silverware and plastic bags for trash.

Food for music in the park summer series in southern california

I tend to like bringing either my cooler or backpack full of my on the go pantry staples.  Bela Sardines has a variety of flavors that I pair with either crackers or a baguette.  Then there will be a bag or two of the either the beef or turkey Perky Jerky, I am partial to the Hot And Bothered flavor.  You can also throw in some nice cheddar cheeses if you have a cooler with ice, and a fruit salad.  I will usually add in some hot wasabi peas for snacking too.  And if I can find them a can of the Wild Planet anchovies.

Don’t forget the WINE!  If you aren’t into carrying big heavy glass bottles that can break, I HIGHLY suggest you grab yourself some of the Friends Fun Wine.  This is great tasting wine or sangria in portable aluminum cans!  NO HEAVY GLASS BOTTLES! They’re convenient especially if you and your friends like different types of wines, no having to decide!  This whole set up is a great go to pack up for most of our get-togethers.

Do you have any outdoor events in your area?  I remember there being some out in Columbia, Missouri when I was staying there.  Let me know what you and your friends get up to during the Summer in the comments below!

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Mother’s Day Luxury Gift Guide

mothers day card vintage retro pinup with daughter

Mother’s Day is closer than you think, hello May 11th. Now we all know about cards, and taking her to brunch but how about this year you get her something unforgettable. Let’s go luxury. Let’s get mom something over the top. Why not? Check out’s 2014 LUXURY Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Lush robes, champagne, vacations, and more.

     Cuvee Rose Cage

- Cuvée Rosé Brut “cage”  Indulge Mom’s sense of whimsy with a lovely bottle of Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut set in a decorative, limited-edition “cage,” evocative of an elegant jewelry box or perfume bottle.  Pop the cork and the Champagne releases its enticing fresh aromas, delightful red fruit flavors and exquisite depth.  There’s even a bonus “mini-cage” included – a charming Champagne re-corker in the same shape and rose-gold color, for Mom to enjoy as a keepsake.  The Cuvée Rosé Brut “cage” is available nationally, and the suggested retail price is $100.




essio aroma therapy shower diffuser

- Essio Shower Aromatherapy Diffuser   Bring the spa to mom! ESSIO, an aromatherapy diffuser than blends 100% organic essential oils into the shower water to create an at home spa experience. ESSIO makes a great gift for busy moms who don’t have the time to go to the spa all the time but want that daily relaxation time to unwind. You can learn more about them with this video. Essio has six blends available that all differ in scent, ranging from Passion (mandarin orange and rose) to Unwind (eucalyptus and mint.)

Se more extravagant Mother’s Day Gift Items after the jump.

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SoCal: Where to Go and What To Do For Mardi Gras

Alberto Vargas Pinup Girl Green Mask

Mardi Gras, arguably one of the biggest celebrations of the year, is Tuesday night! What are all my little bees going to do with themselves? This little SoCal pinup has a few suggestions if you are going to be in the Southern California area. Beads optional of course ;-)

See what we have in store for you after the jump!
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What about WINE For The Big Game?

The Super Bowl is THIS SUNDAY! You know that means more food than you can handle and usually lots of beer. But what if you are just not into beer? Or want to save the calories for the food! Or maybe you just prefer wine all around, but are not sure if it will pair well with any of your food.

This SoCal pinup has you covered on all fronts when it comes to game day food and the wine that goes with it!

Burger and Dolce Rosso
Burgers and Sweet Dolce Rosso – Hmm nothing says game day like a big juicy burger. If you plan on bracing the cold and grilling up a few burgers for the big game, pair it with a rich and sweet Dolce Rosso. The deep flavors will enhance your succulent burger.

Chips and Pinot
Chips & Dip & Pinot –Sip on some light and airy Pinot Girigo to wash away the abundance of salt that comes along with an addicting chip and dip platter.

Moscato and Wings
Hot Wings and Moscato – This is where you will find this little pinup. I love a giant plate full of hot chicken wings!! Mostcato’s sweet and tangy flavor is perfect for cutting through the acidity and heat that comes with eating buffalo wings.

Sub and Prosecco
Subs and Bubbly Prosecco – Unexpected, I know. Who would have thought Prosecco would pair will with a sub? But it balances quite nicely. Bubbly Prosecco is perfect for a lighter option to go with a sub’s heavy cold cuts and thick Italian bread.

And don’t worry TOO much about the calories with the wine. Voga’s Baby Sparkling Wine is perfectly portioned at only 155 calories!

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