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Fresh Chocolate Cake!

Double Layered Chocolate Cake!!! -BusyBeeBlogger

It was a full work day, and that goodness for my Fresh Diet bag of goodies!

My most favorite part of the day was dinner.  The chicken nice and juicy and was covered in cheese!!  Yes, my diet food has cheese.  yummy yum yum!

And surprising enough to me, the chocolate cake I was so excited about in the morning I was almost too full to eat at dessert.  TOO FULL!!!!!

Fresh Fruit Salad

Goat Cheese Medallions on greens

Oatmeal cranberry cookie (no photo I ate it too fast)

Chicken Florentine with spinach, grilled endive and Spanish style rice

Double Layer Chocolate Cake!

Oh and as a side note, I’m 3 lbs down since my friends and I started our healthier us program!  Woohoo!

Fresh… July 4

Chicken with asparagus and grilled tomatoes

Well dolls, it seems we’re at the end of our Fresh Diet.  This certainly was an education for this little bee!

I learned I like fruit in the morning with my coffee just as much as my oatmeal.   Oatmeal cookies are great, even if it’s only one!  ;-)   And salads work well for lunch, as long as I have something to go with them.  Like a little muffin, or some nuts.

Oh, and I am not a fan of pureed broccoli.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like broccoli all on its own.

I just wish Fresh Diet would put out a cook book of their top recipes.  They are pretty tasty.

Fresh Diet Weekend!

If you’ve been following my tweets today, you have been privy (nice word, huh?) to my Fresh Diet for most of the day.  Fruit breakfast, those awesome oatmeal raisin cookies for snack, and my chicken/hearts of palm salad for lunch.  (I know there’s a chicken strip photo somewhere…)

This was a perfect food day for me.

Oh, and I went back to the gym, finally.  I am so out of practice.  But it felt so good to be back!

Enjoy your weekend, and don’t overdo the food, ok?  small bites are just fine.