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Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser (Pete Campbell) Final Season Interview


Mad Men’s last season started just a few weeks ago and everyone is back to sitting in front of the TV Sunday nights.  The shine may have dulled, but a lot of us are still curious as to what happens to these mid-century advertisers.

AMC sat down with Vincent Kartheiser, aka Pete Campbell and asked him about what makes Pete tick, his style, a fake dog on set and those awful speaker phones.

Q: Is it hard adjusting to life at the SC&P L.A. office? You must miss working with the other actors.

A: It’s mostly hard because I’m kind of a weird duck, and I’ve gotten used to everyone realizing that I’m a weird duck and accepting my weirdness. And now there’s all these new people who I forget that they don’t know that I’m weird.

Q: You live in L.A. Got any advice for Pete on acclimating to the city?

A: Stay off the 405, take Fountain, and don’t believe the hype.

Q: That sounds like that Saturday Night Live sketch, “The Californians,” that jokes about which highways to take in L.A.

A: [Laughs] I love “The Californians!” “I’m just going to leave here and hop on the 101 and exit on Western.” I love that. It’s amazing, amazing.


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Interview with Rich Sommer : Mad Men ‘s Harry Crane

Mad Men Season 6 Ken Cosgrove, Aaron Staton, Harry Crane, Rich Sommer, Roger Sterling, John Slattery, Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks, and Bertram Cooper, Robert Morse

There’s only one episode left of Mad Men, so it was nice to see my favorite character Harry Crane make an appearance on last night’s show. Swim trunks and all!

Now we have an interview with Rich Sommer, who plays Harry. Of course the discussion includes his late 60s California inspired wardrobe (Hello ascot!) and his ties to The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper).

Q: Harry is so fashion-forward now. What are your thoughts on his new look?

A: I love it… I think it’s indicative of a guy who is keeping up with the people that he’s trying to do business with. If you look at that episode where they went to California recently, he certainly fit in at that party better than Don or Roger did. I reap the benefits of it too because it’s so ridiculously fun to wear that stuff.

Q: What is it like shooting the California scenes vs. the New York scenes?

A: It’s always fun to shoot on location… It was kind of a crappy day. It was sort of rainy. And they somehow, you know, magically made it look like sunny California. All of the background actors were appropriately suited, and it was a fun chance to see those guys in a different place than just Sterling Cooper.

Q: When you’re on location, does it change the way you interact with your cast mates?

A: We have all now been working together for going on seven years… And our relationships with each other are pretty solid outside of the show. It’s always funny to see how people interact with each other on the show because that sometimes feels foreign knowing what it’s like when the cameras aren’t rolling. It’s a pretty warm group, and there are so few very warm characters on the show. [Laughs]

Aaron Staton and Rich Sommer, who play Ken Cosgrove and Harry Crane, on set in Los Angeles rolling stone magazineAaron Staton (Ken Cosgrove) and Rich Sommer (Harry Crane) on set of Mad Men

Q: Matthew Weiner does, to a degree, write around your own personalities though, right?

A: It was more true I think back in the beginning in the show and, well, it’s still true — you see Ken Cosgrove tap dance and that’s clearly Aaron Staton who somehow had that in his back pocket.

Q: How do you think you would have handled having to tap dance on Mad Men?

A: What a nightmare it would have been for everyone involved. I think no amount of training in the two weeks before we would have shot that scene would have gotten me anywhere close to where Aaron Staton was. But Ken Cosgrove is more of a smooth guy. Harry would have screwed something up, which is more my speed anyway.

Harry Crane  Rich Sommer  Stan Rizzo Jay R. Ferguson  Michael Ginsberg Ben Feldman and Ken Cosgrove  Aaron Staton  photo by frank ockenfels amc

Q: Joan mentions that Harry’s got “a computer the size of this restaurant.” Is it weird to think about that now, when practically everyone’s got a smartphone?

A: Harry was ahead of the curve getting into TV in the first place, and I think he’s maintained that position technology-wise, making sure that he is the person to kind of introduce the new stuff that’s out there. According to what Joan says, and clearly according to the amount of business that Harry is doing, he seems to be doing something right.

Q: Harry resents Joan for becoming a partner (and how she did it). How do you deal when someone else gets what you think you deserve?

A: I’d be more like how Harry was back when he found out that Ken Cosgrove was making more than he was… He sort of went and meekly asked for something, and it ended up working out. I think I’m more in that camp. I’m less of a storm-into-a-meeting-and-blow-up kind of guy, but the feelings come from the same place, especially in particular with Harry… We’re seeing him react differently to that feeling of being underappreciated.

Q: Talk about shooting the scene where you verbally spar with Pete after MLK’s assassination…

A: I love working with Vinny [Kartheiser], and I think Vinny and I might be at our best when we’re screaming at each other. [Laughs] Thankfully we are a very tight cast… That being said, it’s always fun to play an emotion, any emotion. And Vinny and I — and I think anyone would tell you this — are two of the louder people around that set. If we’re not yelling at each other about a dominoes game at base camp, then we might as well be yelling at each other about MLK in the office.

Q: You were in Harvey on Broadway with another TV star: Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory. What do you think it is that still attracts TV actors to Broadway?

A: One of the things that is so amazing about doing a TV show over the years is getting to play one single character that evolves over time… But the flipside is that you’ve played the same guy for seven years. So what’s so enticing about doing a play is that you get to do that thing that got you into acting in the first place… There’s a real attraction to being able to play, to just play. And that’s something that theater affords you.

Harry Crane (Rich Sommer) and Stan Rizzo (Jay R. Ferguson) in Episode 11 Mad Men Season 4

Q: Your legacy on Mad Men will last forever; how do you feel about your plays not being quite as documented?

A: It’s bittersweet. Last year my five-year-old got to come and see Harvey, but she won’t get to see this new play I’m in [The Unavoidable Disappearance of Tom Durnin] because it’s not quite for kids. It’s a bummer that she will not have seen this show… It is ephemeral. It is alive only as long as we are doing it and then it is gone.

Q: Do your kids ever say funny things to you about being on Mad Men?

A: They saw pictures of the California getup, and they loved it. And they think my hair and sideburns this year are hilarious. They talk about my “Mad Men hair” because there’s only so much I can do to undo the helmet that I’ve been wearing all day.

Q: What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s said to you about Mad Men?

A: The most common is that I look so much heavier or fatter on TV… Maybe I carry myself a little differently. Harry is a little schlubbier than I am, hopefully, but yeah, that’s the go-to. I think people think it’s a nice thing to say, but actually it’s not. [Laughs]

Q: You’re friends with Dyna Moe, who did Mad Men: The Illustrated World. How did you two meet?

A: We met at the Upright Citizen Brigade Theater, which is an improv theater in New York… Dyna had always done art for the improv community, flyers and whatnot… On the first season of Mad Men, we had only moved to L.A. in March, so when the holidays rolled around, I wanted to send out a card to the cast and crew, and I called to Dyna to see if she would be willing to do a little mockup of the show… Of course everyone’s reaction to that first card was strong… And that style really resonated because it’s a style that’s loosely based on the ’50s and ’60s.

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Did You Miss The Season 6 Premiere of Mad Men? See it HERE for free!

mad men season 6 e 1 and 2 Roger Sterling John Slattery Don Draper Jon Hamm and Pete Campbell Vincent Kartheiser image by Michael Yarish AMC

If you happened to miss the premiere of Mad Men’s 6th Season on AMC last night (or the two reshowings immediately following) I have good news for you. AMC is letting you watch the 2 hour premiere for free at their site… or here on

Don and Megan, Betty and bratty Sally… and Roger?

Check it out below! What did you all think of last night’s premiere?

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Don Draper’s Plaid Sportcoat Returns: Mad Men Season 6 Premier Episode Photos Released

mad men season 6 e 1 and 2 don draper jon hamm image by Michael Yarish AMC
The premiere episode of this season’s Mad Men is less than one week away. AMC is making the most of this. Not only will there be a two hour premiere on Sunday, but they are leaking photos slowly.

This batch shows the return of the plaid sportcoat Megan bought Don. The same one he wore to the party Pete and Trudy Campbell had at their house. Yes, that one. :-O

It appears the Drapers are in Hawaii for Christmas 1967? I can’t keep track anymore the way they skip entire years on this show.

Also, the rest of the men seem to be sporting some *interesting* hair styles, sideburns included. Pete and Roger, I’m looking at YOU!

Are you excited? Will you be watching the premiere on Sunday?


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Mad Men Season 6 Cast Photos Released

Roger Sterling, John Slattery, Don Draper , Jon Hamm, Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks,Pete Campbell ,Vincent Kartheiser, frank ockenfels amc

Immediately after I saved the last post, AMC released the cast photos of Mad Men Season 6.

Unlike previous seasons, these images, though black and white, have a less stylized feel about them. It’s like we’re seeing a party at Betty’s home, and everyone is there.  Scratch that, doesn’t that look like Don and Betty’s old home?  hmmm interesting.

Mad Men Season 6 Peggy Olson, Elisabeth Moss
None of the photos are especially flattering to anyone (except for maybe the one with all of the SCDP boys and Joan). Especially Peggy who wears what looks like a comforter while sitting on the stairs. :-/

mad men season 6 Betty Francis January Jones  Sally Draper Kiernan Shipka Megan Draper Jessica Pare and Don Draper Jon Hamm  Photo Credit Frank Ockenfels AMC
Speaking of Betty (January Jones) she is looking fabulous. So I guess she’ll be returning in her previous thinner self? And Megan is carrying on her very Valley Of The Dolls image.

Mad Men Season 6 Ken Cosgrove, Aaron Staton, Harry Crane, Rich Sommer, Roger Sterling, John Slattery, Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks, and Bertram Cooper, Robert Morse
So, what you think of the less formal photos for season 6?

All images via AMC

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