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Vince Vaughn's Pregnant Wife Stops By Chicago Set

Actor Vince Vaughn spends time between takes with his pregnant wife Kyla Weber on the film set of his latest film ‘What You Don’t Know’ this afternoon in Chicago, Illinois on July 30, 2010.

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Vince Vaughn Wrote Scripts So He Could Act

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What do you do when you cannot get an acting job in Hollywood? Well if you’re Vince Vaughn, you write yourself into a movie.

He said: “It something that I’ve done forever uncredited. Even on ‘Return to Paradise’, I wrote a lot of the stuff in that. I’ve never taken credit. It was just my approach.

“I remember a moment in time, when I was talking to John Favreau, and I said, ‘Man, I’m so tired of sitting around and waiting for parts to come. No one’s hiring me, but there’s no material.’ I was waiting for material that I would do. I couldn’t get hired for anything. I was just an out-of-work actor.

“I said, ‘We should really write stuff,’ and then he wrote ‘Swingers’, and we got to improvise and do stuff. I really got my wings, in that moment, and took it upon myself.

“Sometimes rejection in an area, at the time, can seem hard, but it can actually be a gift because it forces you to get better at things that you weren’t initially considering doing.”

Who knew? Now, where do I take my script?

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