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Tiny Hamster Is Back with Friends For Thanksgiving

tiny hamster and his friends sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.  Wearing their best pilgrim hats, the friends enjoy a turkey dinner until there just is not any more.  How cute are they?

There is something new this year to be thankful for. Tiny Hamster is back and he brought friends for a Thanksgiving feast! I don’t care if you’re from Southern California or Kansas City, this video of Tiny Hamster  eating Thanksgiving dinner with his friends, including a very fluffy bunny, gives me the biggest smile of the day.  There is sure to be a Pinterest tutorial on how to make pilgrim hats for hamsters very soon thanks to this video.

HelloDenizen has done a great job with their Tiny Hamster videos. Tiny Hamster has already had his own pizza party, a birthday for his little friend, and even gone against the hot dog eating champ, but this one may be the sweetest of the videos. I did have to wonder, is that what I look like when I sit down with Dad Bee and have Thanksgiving? SHOVING slices of pie into my face until I just cannot hold anymore, maybe just one scoop of potatoes… with gravy. Please.

Yes this is what we look like at Thanksgiving dinner. We just do not want to admit it. Instead of hanging our heads in shame, we can watch a little furry party do what we do every and giggle.

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Black Bear Family Loves The Golf Course VIDEO

Edward D'Ancona Pin-Up up to par

I’m not sure how I would handle distraction on the golf course. Up in British Columbia a group of golfers were playing a round when they came across this: a family of black bears on the green. The littlest one is not too interested in any of the bugs or anything else but in rather enchanted with the red flag marking the hole.

bear family on golf course video



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Game Of Thrones Bloopers Video Released At Comic Con

tyrion lannister game of thrones Peter Dinklage

There are few things more viscous on television at the moment than HBO’s Game Of Thrones. While it is on hiatus, the crew made it down to San Diego’s Comic-con and gave uber fans a peek at some behind the scenes fun.

It may be hard to image these characters doing anything fun or lighthearted but this is quite good for a giggle.

Check out the video –

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How To Get Perfect Cat Eye Makeup

panda eyeliner makeup oops

If you are like this Southern California pinup, trying to get the winged eyeliner look can take all morning. This how-to video will make your life so much easier.

The secret to get cat eye winged eye liner is to either have the most steady hand in the world, or makeup erasers. I use the latter, and I was excited to see in this how-to video that they do the same. You still need some practice, it is not as easy as I thought it would be just to swoosh the liner over my eyelid.


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Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party It’s Epic -Video-

Bill Murray gives a speech at bachelor party

I have decided that Bill Murray is indeed the Schrodinger’s Cat of the celebrity world. You could tell anyone any funny story with Bill Murray in it and I would both believe it and not believe it at the same time. He’s just that kind of guy. This time, Murray crashed a bachelor party and there’s video proof of his awesomeness.

From Esquire -

A group of college buddies were celebrating their friend’s pending nuptials at a Charleston, South Carolina steakhouse when they came upon Dr. Venkman himself.

Initially, Murray refused the group’s advances urging him to join them. But, eventually, he joined the guys and made one of the better bachelor party speeches I’ve ever heard. My personal favorite part is when Murray says,

You know how they say funerals aren’t for the dead but for the living? Bachelor parties are not for the groom. They’re for the other guys.
He proceeded to lift the groom over his shoulders and then disappeared, as if he were never there. Luckily for these guys, it was all caught on camera.

He gives some of the best advice I have ever heard about finding someone to be with for the rest of your life. You can see it all on the video below.

How amazing! I want Murray to crash my next birthday party. Or even one of my have to have french fries because it’s a day ending in y sessions.

He really is the king of cool.

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