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My Week Of Luxury with the ILX *Pics & Video* #weekwithilx

There’s nothing in SoCal like a nice car. I spend more time in my car, it seems, than sitting in my living room.

A few weeks ago I was asked to test drive the new Acura ILX Hybrid. This, my friends, is a luxury car that I might be able to afford.

I tend to beat the hell out of cars, I have an SUV right now that I use to haul EVERYTHING around in. But getting into the Acura ILX, I have to tell you, I started to respect the car. It’s not just there to get me from A to Z, this is a really nice car. Leather, XM radio, rear view cameras, heated seats (my favorite!), DVD sound, and an econ button that helps you save even more gas (41 miles to a gallon at the high end).

I did have a time with the navigation. You can actually talk to it and it will find what you are looking for, if the place is in its index. I was looking for a pizza place and it wasn’t in the index, so I put in another business I was told was nearby.

And just because this is a hybrid, doesn’t mean it can’t take off. The ILX has a lot of pick up and go, and my partner and I would find any excuse to hop in the ILX to take it out on the road during my week with ILX. Check out the video below of my first time on the freeway with the ILX.

I would have to say that this is a great luxury car. I can fit four comfortably, and I can maneuver the driver’s seat up/down, front/back, just to fit me. :-) And I have to say that I only used half a tank of gas over my whole week. That was with all of the extra trips that I would not normally have taken.

I already miss those heated seats.

YOU TOO CAN HAVE THE ILX FOR A WEEK. Enter my #WeekWithILX contest!

Acura has invited me to test the new ILX and share my honest thoughts through social media. I may receive product, access or content, but all commentary is my own.

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My Week With The ILX Hybrid *Contest*

Oh, hello there… am I what you’re looking for?

Guess what bees? Your ever faithful pinup has been given the chance to test the 2013 Acura ILX Hybrid for a whole week.  I have traded in my car for this luxury sedan.  Not a bad trade, I must admit.

I have been looking forward to this little lady being in my driveway for a while now and if you have been following me on Twitter and Facebook (like you should) you know I’ve been asking for ideas of where to go this week.  Should I go to the mountains, up the coast, head to Las Vegas, visit the Hollywood Sign?

What would you do if Acura gave you the NEW Acura ILX Hyrbrid for week, with a full tank of gas?  Would you drive to see your college room mate in Nevada?  Try out the handling on Mammoth Mountain?  Or floor it on a road trip through wine country?

Tell me in the comments below… and you could win something FANTASTIC!!!

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Bravo TV’s Around The World In 80 Plates Tweet Challenge is in NYC Today

This.  Is.  Awesome.

Bravo and Infiniti have exclusively partnered on a location-based social contest that encourages fans to tweet #80plates in order to unlock 10 secret locations across the US through an interactive map on and on Bravo mobile. Each week, fans will race to find the hidden plane tickets to that week’s featured destination on the show including Argentina, China, England, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Thailand, the United States and Uruguay. Infiniti is one of the official sponsors of “Around the World in 80 Plates,” which premieree on Wednesday, May 9 at 10pm ET/PT.  For more information, visit and follow them on Twitter at

Today, secret location is in New York City with tickets to Barcelona, Spain waiting for one lucky fan!

The location of the tickets will be revealed through an interactive map on and on Bravo mobile  Starting with a map of the US, the contest goes live at 12pm ET every Wednesday and the only way to get the map to zoom in and pinpoint the location of the tickets is by tweeting #80plates on Twitter. 

Players will have to encourage their friends to participate because the more tweets received, the faster the location will be discovered.  When the map finally uncovers the city, fans must race to find the secret location.  The first person to locate the tickets on the windshield of an Infiniti JX, wins the plane tickets.

Bravo will be on-site to capture each week’s “winning moments,” which will be posted on and Bravo mobile the next day.  Fans can receive a special clue to each week’s secret destination by checking out Infiniti’s Facebook page or Twitter handle

How freaking cool is that?!?!  You can win tickets to BARCELONA today because of Bravo TV’s Around The World In 80 Plates, and Infinity!!

If one of you little bees wins those tickets I want a picture of you standing by that car in NYC!!!


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Anthony Bourdain Returns TONIGHT With No Reservations (He’s Live Tweeting)

It has been 8 seasons of food, inuendo, piggies and meat in tube form for author/chef/Busy Bee stalking victim Anthony Bourdain, on the Travel Channel’s “No Reservations”. Tonight, Tony heads to Mozambique. Hmmm tasty.

Tony travels to Mozambique and finds himself in a mysterious, post-colonial Africa. From Portuguese ruins on Mozambique Island, to the vibrant metropolis of Maputo, Mozambique doesn’t look like anyplace Tony has been so far [travel]

To add a little bit of fun to Season 9′s premiere episode, Bourdain will be LIVE TWEETING. You can follow him (@NoReservations) and find out little behind the scenes info, and what Bourdain really thinks about the show, the food and his crew. (You can follow Busy Bee on twitter as well @BusyBeeBlogger)

Image and Video via Travel Channel

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VIDEO Man V Food does Puerto Rico and a plate of meat!

This week on Man V Food Adam Richman heads to the island of Puerto Rico!!! Here he will face one of his biggest meals yet, the Vaca Acosta Challenge. An 8 pound serving of beef with 1 pound of friends, and a tasty sauce covering the entire plate. Can you say moooo?

If Adam can polish off this plate in 40 minutes, he will receive a free meal, t-shirt, and crisp $100 bill. Only three people have ever completed this challenge; Will Adam be added to the list?

Could you eat that much food for $100?   I hurt just thinking about it.

Oh. My. Tummy!

Puerto Rico Episode – Wednesday July 21st at 9:00 E/P on The Travel Channel