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The Bounty TRAILER (Video & Photos)

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It’s here! BBB has been bringing you behind the scenes video (here, and here) and pics (here) from the filming of “The Bounty”, and now we have the official trailer.

Gerard Butler
plays a bounty hunter that has to take in his ex-girlfriend, played by Jennifer Aniston, to jail! How great would that be to bring your ex to jail!

See video below!

Images by BauerGriffin

Gerard Butler Arrests Jennifer Aniston on Set (photos)

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Continuing to film on their new film, The Bounty, Gerard Butler slapped the cuffs on a surprised looking Jennifer Aniston. Butler’s character even gets into a scuffle with the cops, and it seems he gets arrested, too!

This looks like a fun movie. And Jen and Gerard seem to be having a fun time with each other. I don’t know if they’re having so much fun that they’re dating, but I can see how that could happen. :-)

LOTS of pics after the JUMP!!
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Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston Seen Holding Hands in NYC

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Were Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston seen getting all Junior High in New York City this weekend?   PEOPLE magazine is saying that The Bounty co-stars were seen “hand in hand” in the Meat Packing district of Manhattan.

“Jen and Gerry went out on Saturday night,” says the source, who, noting that the cozy couple were surrounded by such others as Kirsten Dunst, also said Aniston and Butler “had cocktails and … They were hand in hand.”

They were also spotted later on…

According to another source, Aniston, 40, and Butler, 39, were also spotted dining on the Lower East Side at Freemans, another hot spot, before cozying up at the hotel lounge.

This was after Gerard and Jennifer were seen kissing on set and feeding each other peanuts.

I think it’s cute that people over 30 can still get all cuddly.  But no pressure.  I just hope these two are having a good time.

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Crash on the Set of The Bounty

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With of the scenes being shot out in the open for “The Bounty” with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, I wonder if there will be any surprises left.   Now that Gerard has return from promoting his other movie in London, it’s back to filming!

Gerard and Jennifer had two out door scenes one at a gas station, and another in a car crash.  At least he saved the golf clubs.  Those things can be expensive.

I love the shots of Jennifer laughing  in the car.  These two, while not dating, seem to have a real rapport about them.  Gerard even admitted that he had entertained fantasies of sleeping with Ms. Aniston at one time.

“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it [bedding Aniston] but I’m having a great time just working with her. She’s so grounded. I’ve had to do stuff where she’s in handcuffs but she doesn’t complain.”

At least he’s honest!  I wonder if Jen would be so forthright?

More pics of The Bounty below

Images by Fame Pictures

Gerard Butler Returns to Manhattan

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Someone has a case of the greys.  Gerard Butler has returned from his promotional trip to London, where he promoted The Ugly Truth, met with fans, scared a weather girl on TV and also dished about his commitment phobia.

“I live very much in my own head and I don’t always like that somebody else is playing such a big part in your mind and your psyche. It’s tough to deal with that vulnerability because I still have that element of ‘I can’t do this! I can do this on my own! I’m all right! — and then suddenly, someone holds this power over you.

“Men are much more weak and vulnerable than they let on. I am full of phobias about commitment. Yet, when you break through those barriers, it’s great.”

He was spotted  yesterday back in Manhattan to continue filming on the movie, The Bounty, with Jennifer Aniston.

We saw Jen earlier this week filming on the steps of the downtown Manhattan courthouse.

More of charming Gerard below