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Gerard Butler and his new Lady Friend out in Paris!

After rumors started that Gerard Butler spent the whole day, and evening, with a French TV presenter, I was wonder where in the world these photos were! Well, guess what, we have them!

Actor Gerard Butler spends the entire day on a date with French television host Laurie Cholewa. The two met during an interview for “The Bounty Hunter” on her show while Gerard was promoting the movie in Paris. The two stroll hand in hand through the city, visiting landmarks like the Louvre museum where they eat lunch at the Cafe Marly.

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Images and quote via BauerGriffin
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'The Bounty Hunter' Heads to Paris

The Paris premier of ‘Le chasseur de Primes’ (Aka The Bounty Hunter) was held last night (Mar. 28) at Gaumont Marignan. Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler did their best “hug and pose” on the red carpet to make everyone happy.

I do like the grey suit on Gerry with Jen’s bright pink dress. Nice compliments.

More from the Paris premier below!

Images by Bauer Griffin

Gerard Butler Loves Jennifer Aniston's Legs

I am loving the flirt fest that is going on with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. Whether or not they are actually dating is a non-issue, really.

And last night at the premier of the Bounty Hunter, Gerard had nothing but nice things to say about his co-star.

“She’s vivacious,” Gerard told reporters last night at the NYC premiere of The Bounty Hunter. “I mean, she’s just so alive inside, and that really shows though.”

And she’s not bad looking either: “Jen actually does have the best legs in Hollywood,” he said.[OK!]

I say that’s a compliment I would mat and frame and hang on the wall!

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Images by Fame Pictures
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Jennifer Aniston Says Good Morning America!

The Bounty Hunter actress, Jennifer Aniston, made it an early morning. She was snapped, looking very happy to see her fans, at Good Morning America.

Images by BauerGriffin

Gerard Butler Thinks Jen Aniston is Family

Note to self, get Gerard Butler to think of ME as a sister. The Bounty Hunter co-stars got all cuddly on the red carpet for the premier of their movie. Looks like Jennifer Aniston is giving him a hard time over the comment he made about her Christmas tree.

Anyways, you get two of Hollywood’s biggest flirts together, and you’re bound to get rumors of naughtiness. But Gerard swears he thinks of Jen as family.

“I literally became a member of her family,” “I went down for her birthday in Mexico,” Butler said. “Of course, everyone takes that as something else, but we are very good friends.”

Jen had nothing but nice things to say about Gerry as well.

She called Butler, “the best!” “He’s funny and handsome – [a] nice combo!”

So what was it like filming the stunts together?

“I’m like a baby about that stuff – I’m always whining,” he said.

But that wasn’t the case with his sexy costar. Though she spends most of the action flick bound and cuffed, Aniston was anything but hapless during the film’s more high-octane scenes. “She’s dragging doors behind her, and her handcuffs are cutting away at her wrists,” Butler said. “She had to go through a lot of stuff in this movie and she never complained.”

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Quotes via People

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