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Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Sweeting Gets A New Look!

Cut,color, joy, joy,joy !!! Thank u @clsymonds and Vanessa @andylecomptesalon

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting (Big Bang Theory’s Penny) teased us a few weeks ago with a faux bob on her Instagram. Now, the actress has gone and done it for real!

Here we go! @clsymonds

The actress took to her Instagram to show off a super cute new bob haircut! You can see the new color above but here’s the pic she showed of the new cut.

We did it @clsymonds ! Now let’s get some color shall we ? @andylecomptesalon

Kaley always looked good with her longer hair, but this bob really shakes it up.
I am really loving this shorter hair trend running through the entertainment world. Taylor Swift rocked the best version I have seen yet recently at an awards show.

What do you think of the shorter ‘do? Love it? Or leave it?

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Kaley Cuoco Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine: Talks Breakups, Marriage & Being Obsessed With Online Comments

I think my smile says it all #firstcosmocover

Marriage looks good on her. The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco is Cosmopolitan Magazine’s cover girl for May, and she looks fantastic!

In the magazine, out April 8th 2014, she talks dating co-star Johnny Galecki, Superman’s Henry Cavill, her wedding to husband Ryan Sweeting, and her obsession with online comments.


Did I mention she looks great? See more pics of Kaley and read her interview with Cosmo after the jump.
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The Big Bang Theory ‘s Soft Kitty Gets Even Cuter

Lyrics of The Big Bang Theory's Soft Kitty

Get ready for your daily dose of cuteness. This is a friend of mine’s grand-daughter, Chloe, playing The Big Bang Theory’s “Soft Kitty” on the flute. Dr. Sheldon Cooper would be so happy.

I wonder how many views she can get for this, because she is awfully proud of herself. And I am, too. :-)

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The Big Bang Theory Renewed For Three More Years

The Big Bang Theory Entire Cast

BAZINGA!  CBS announced today that it is renewing mega-hit The Big Bang Theory for three more years!  Holy cow.  This will mean that the comedy will be on the air for at least 10 years in all.  Yay!  Three more years of Sheldon, Raj, Penny, Leonard, Howard, Bernadette, and of course Amy Farrah Fowler.

There were no details about how much each of the cast was set to make, but the New York Times said it will cost CBS 5 Million dollars an episode through the end of the contract.  That’s it?

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting instagram renewal big bang theory

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, who plays Penny, celebrated on her Instagram saying “Let’s do this :)


Congrats to all! Especially for dad bee who watches The Big Bang Theory every night in syndication.  This should keep us all very busy for a while. I am very excited to see what happens to everyone in the next three years!


The Big Bang Theory Cast photo via Facebook

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Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Talks Her Speedy Marriage To Tennis Star With Letterman

Kaley Cuoco Sweeting at David Letterman Late Show White Dress

The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco didn’t just surprise fans of the show, and celebrity magazine readers with her quickie wedding to tennis star Ryan Sweeting. It was a surprise to everyone that attended!

While on Late Show With David Letterman, Kaley said

“So we were throwing a New Year’s Eve party anyway, and I was like, ‘Let’s throw a ceremony in the party and not tell anybody,’” she told Letterman.

Easier said than done. “It was supposed to be a secret. The problem was, I could not keep my mouth shut. Like, I’d be getting my nails done, and I’d be like, ‘Listen, I’m totally getting married in a few months,’” the actress confessed. “And then I’d go get my gas pumped, and I’d be telling the attendant, like, ‘I’m getting married in a few months, but you’re the only one that knows, so don’t tell anyone!’”

“So there’d be all these articles, and my husband would be like, ‘How does everyone know we’re getting married?’” Cuoco shared. “And I’d be like, ‘I do not know. I do not know!’”

It was a whirl wind romance, the celebrity couple only knew each other for three months before getting engaged and six months before getting married. But it gets even more intense. Tennis star Sweeting moved in immediately after their first date!

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Ryan Sweeting Kaley Cuoco Sweeting instagram pic

“We actually met on a blind date. I had never met him, and he had really never met me. He still tells me he had never seen the show, he didn’t know who I was,” Cuoco told Letterman of Sweeting, 26, who was coming off a national tennis tour when they first went out.

“He came to L.A. for a blind date — and he never left,” she revealed. “We had been texting, we texted a little bit. Dinner was great, and then he moved in the next day. I know, it sounds so slutty, but it wasn’t!”

“It all did move quite fast on paper,” she admitted, “but we really did know…And I know you’re all thinking, ‘She’s nuts!’ I swear I’m not nuts. We just fell in love.”

That is CRAZY! I hope the two of them stay in love forever, though. Everyone likes a good love story. Even cynical SoCal pinups like me. – xoxo

Images via Kaley Cuoco – Sweeting’s Instagram
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