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Mad Men Episode 5 East/West Coast Live Chat

Are you ready for Episode #5 of Season 5′s Mad Men?


Click below to start the East Coast and West Coast live chats!!! We start at 9:45 E/P !!

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Video Preview Mad Men Season 5 Episode 5

Tonight on Mad Men, what is the big news for Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce?

Could it be that Peggy has on an actually flattering outfit! *Joan must be back if Peggy’s dressing well again ;-) *

Who is SCDP letting go? Is it a client? Or is it an employee? And why didn’t Ken Cosgrove notice that Peggy was in the diner? Hmmm.

It is good to see Lane Pryce and his wife on screen again. I mean after she spilled the beans on Lane’s gay relative at Don’s birthday party.

Side note, did you notice Don’s tie? It’s not just a solid color anymore. We should be seeing more paisleys and the wide ties and lapels will be arriving soon. I wonder if Megan picked out that nifty new tie for him.

Anyway, check out the preview for tonight’s episode below. Don’t forget that has a Mad Men live chat every Sunday for new Mad Men episodes, 10 PM E/P

Photo Credit: Jordin Althaus/AMC

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The Rolling Stones Rice Krispies Cereal Commercial

If you were watching Mad Men tonight, and started to snicker to yourself about the possibility of The Rolling Stones doing a commercial, keep on laughing.

The boys DID do a Rice Krispie commercial in the 60s.

How’s THAT for being the bad boys of rock and roll?

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Mad Men Episode 3 Sneak Peek!

Tonight, on MAD MEN…

It’s the return of Betty and Henry Francis. Peggy looks to be VERY upset about someone or something. Roger? Who knows what trouble he’s brewing up. And Don is as drunk a skunk. Was there ever any doubt that would happen again?

And don’t forget, the East Coast and West Coast live chats here at for tonight’s episode.


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