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Fitbit Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband – Technology and Fitness Review

Fitbit Force Display

Fitbit Force Display Screen

With all of the activity trackers out there, it is difficult to tell which ones are worth your time and just as importantly your hard earned money. You have some that just clip on your hip and off you go. Some you HAVE to hook up to your smartphone, otherwise it is just a bauble for your wardrobe. No screen to read your progress.

The Fitbit Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband looks like a stylish modern design watch, but the Force can give you updates throughout the day on your -

Number of Steps
Approximate calories burned
flights of stairs climbed
Time spent sleeping
Quality of Sleep
Distance traveled
Active minutes
and Amazingly what time is is

*Call notifications is coming soon

I was given a Fitbit Force to review and have found it to be quite the handy little tool in my fitness regimen.

With all of the news lately about the Fitbit Force I will say that I did NOT have any skin irritation whatsoever during the past two weeks of wearing the device. I was asked if I had an allergy to nickel before I received it, so they do ask you beforehand. If you are concerned about possible irritation, the Flex™ Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband is the most similar to the FitBit Force, and it comes in a wide range of colors.

The most convenient aspect of the Fitbit Force is that if I so choose I do not have to sync the Force to anything. I do not have to have an account on, I do not have to download the app onto my smart phone. I can just put it on my wrist and it works. You DO have to charge the Fuel by hooking it up to your computer. I does not recharge via body movement, but that is fine with me as long as I do not lose the charging chord again. This has to by my favorite feature because I often forget to check my smartphone or sign in online.

All of the Fitbit Force information regarding your amount of sleep, steps taken, approximate calories burned, flights of stairs, and distance are all available on the face of the Force just like on a watch. You just push on the button on the side and it will show you all of the options in sequence. You can edit what options show up on the face of the Force from your account online, or your smartphone app. So, if you just want to see how many steps you took, and not the calories, you can do that.

fitbit home dashboard

Fitbit’s Dashboard online

But, the big benefit to Fitbit is that you can do so much more online if you decide to sync your devices. There is a log for food and water intake both online and on the smartphone app. This makes keeping track on intake calories very easy. FitBit’s catalog of foods is massive so there is a good chance whatever you decided to snarf down for lunch, or if you are like me on the way home from work alone in the car.

fitbit log page

Fitbit’s Log page

The biggest surprises I found with the Fitbit Force was that I am a lot more INACTIVE than I had thought! I was positive that I walked about 5 miles a day with my job, but it turns out I barely make it to two miles on a good day. That meant the amount of calories I had allotted myself to eat every day was much to high for me to maintain the weight I was hoping to reach. Oh and the amount of calories I was eating was about TWICE what I assumed I had been eating!!!

With all of this new information I was able to set attainable goals using Fitbit’s dashboard. I was not even close to hitting the 10,000 step everyday mark, so I lowered it to 5,000 steps a day for now. That is a goal I can reach if I push it a little bit further than my every day. When I DO REACH MY GOAL, the Force vibrates and flashes! It’s like having a cheer squad on my wrist giving me a little high five. It is a small achievement, but I feel pretty good at the end of the day when the Force lets me know I reached it.

You can also invite your friends who also have one of the many FitBit tools to join you through the community option. You all can see each other’s progress and have friendly competitions, or encourage each other on your goals.

Fitbit Force Kit

Fitbit Force with charger and wireless dongle

A friend of mine has the FitBit ONE Wireless Tracker so we compared notes. The Force is worn like a watch, and the One was a clip on. I can wear my Force in the shower, the ONE cannot be worn in the shower. They both show your progress on an LED screen throughout the day.

The one item I am looking into getting from FitBit now is the Aria™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale. The Aria measures weight and also body fat percentage. It connects to FitBit using Wi-Fi and it can track up to 8 users. This would be an especially helpful addition to any of FitBit’s trackers.

From my experience using the Fitbit Force, and talking with my friends who have various other Fitbit items, I would highly consider any of Fitbit’s products. They are easy to use, and the online/app benefits make keeping track of your fitness habits easy.

I received a Fitbit Force to review but was not paid for this post. All editorial content is my own.
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How Active Is Your Pet? Track it! (Cameo by Fat Cat)


While at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the BIGGEST trend, besides massive TVs, were fitness trackers. All shapes, sizes, and colors. But the one that caught my eye? The Petbit PET FITNESS TRACKER. Yeah I know, crazy but amazing all at once.

Tractive has branched out from GPS for your dogs and cats, to activity tracking for your dog and cat. As the owner of a chubby black cat, I think this is a great idea. What can I do to make my cat less obese? Think about it, if having extra pounds is bad for you, it has to be detrimental to your pet.

fat black cat friday 13

I’m not fat, I’m fluffy

Petbit tracks the daily activity of a pet, categorizes pet movements in three categories ‘lazy’, ‘moderately active’ and ‘active’, and tells its owners whether or not their pet needs to be more active. Several sensors provide information to pet owners and their veterinarians.

“There are more than 170m dogs and cats in the US alone, with over 50% of them being overweight or obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. We want to make sure we educate people about this trend and do something about it.”, says Michael Hurnaus, CEO of Tractive and former Microsoft and Amazon employee. With the current trend of wearable devices and human activity tracking gadgets, one can expect that pet owners will need similar ‘quantified-self’ devices for their furry friends.

And don’t worry if your dog or cat is a little more fashionable than black. The Petbit comes in a variety of colors. :-)


The battery life is about a week, it’s waterproof and the FREE Petbit apps will work with Android or Apple products.

The devices will start shipping in March and you can pre-order at

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Driving With Google Glasses Illegal?

cecelia abadie was wearing google glasses while driving got a ticket in san diego

Earlier this week, a Temecula woman became the first person ever to get slapped with a ticket for wearing Google Glasses while driving.

An officer with the state agency issued the citation early Tuesday evening to a woman wearing the “Google Glass” device in violation of state Vehicle Code 2760, CHP spokesman Jake Sanchez said.

The motorist initially was pulled over for allegedly speeding near Aero Drive.

The law makes it illegal to “drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications, is operating and is located in the motor vehicle at a point forward of the back of the driver’s seat, or is operating and the monitor, screen, or display is visible to the driver,” according to Sanchez.

The spokesman said he knew of no other case in which anyone in the state was cited for using the equipment, which is not yet available to the public at large, while behind the wheel. [Fox5]

The woman, Cecelia Abadie, says that the glasses were not turned on while she was driving, and turned to social media for help in fighting the ticket.

I think this woman was somewhat stupid for leaving her Google glasses on in the first place (and possibly using them even though she says she wasn’t) while driving. This is going to be a landmark case no matter what and she’s stuck right in the middle of it.

This first of its kind ticket brings up a lot of questions, though. The ticket was for having a monitor in view of the driver. But what about GPS that come preinstalled in your car? Aren’t those monitors that are in front of the driver? What about rear view cameras? Some new cars have everything on a screen on the dashboard, including radio stations, and your gas usage. Are these now illegal even though they come stock in your car?

Image via Fox5
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