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Getting Ridiculous with Busy Bee Blogger – X-Box Kinect Video

xbox kinect video

Good Monday peeps! After an extremely busy weekend where I spent most of my time working, I really just want to play. Yes I know that it is the start of the work week, but I really just want to play. Just kick back at the house, and get ridiculous. No cocktails required (though you can have some if you like).

I recently got an X-Box Kinect for the house, after hearing about it for years from other friends, and now I wonder why I waited to long to buy one. (Not an ad, I just went out and bought one)  I got to play with Dad Bee a few weeks ago.  There was lots of sweat, and some blood (all over the screen to the TV, on the floor, the built in cabinet), and it was AWESOME!   Check out the video below.

What do you all do to completely get ridiculous?  I am loving these new video games, and have convinced myself that they are a great addition to my lifestyle because I am getting off of the couch while playing them.

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BlackBerry Has An Interesting New (Square) Phone

BlackBerry Passport smartphone is square

Blackberry, the once must have tech item for business people, was thought to have gone the way of the transistor radio this past year. But today, BlackBerry announced their new business friendly new phone, the Passport.  This phone does must everything any other smart phone can do, but in addition to BB’s eternal keyboard (yes I love those), the thing getting the most attention is the shape: square.

So why would BB decide to make their newest phone SQUARE when all new phones are long rectangles? The new Passport is not made for the average smartphone user, it is made for business people. The long rectangle is just fine for scrolling social media and watching video, but if you spend time reading papers, or writing spreadsheets on your smart phone, a square shape of the screen really makes for a better choice from a user experience point.

BlackBerry Passport offers its size and aspect ratio to accommodate these characters, making it the ideal device for reading e-books, viewing documents and browsing the web. No more worrying about portrait or landscape modes, and no; you aren’t missing anything.

Consider how IMAX screens start with a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio projection for conventional movie trailers and then expand to their true dimensions (and the audience goes, “ooh”). The Passport is like the IMAX of productivity, and you don’t have to sacrifice screen real estate, vertically or horizontally. [BlackBerry blog]

So what’s the big deal about reading documents better? That is what business people do with their phones. We use our phones to type out documents, we try to read them on the screen, which is usually just awkward for me on most smart phones due to having to move the screen around. This adjusting of the screen size and dimension to better fit documents is a great idea.

While there are those that will always be loyal to their brand of smart phone, this Southern California pinup will always love BlackBerry’s ease of use for business. I cannot wait to see this new phone in person. I just wish all of my apps work with the Research In Motion operating system.

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Apple to buy Beats by Dre?

Beats by dre in red and white

So, Apple is reportedly purchasing Beats by Dre, and I’m not sure what to think of this buyout. While I think it’s great for the founders of Beats to get their big pay day, $3.2 billion to be exact, this may not be great for the consumer. Beats helped revitalize the headphone market, while I don’t own a pair and have only tried them a few times I still value what they did.

Image or Innovation

When Beats first started they had the support of Monster Audio to really push the envelope on sound quality and production and Dr. Dre has always had a great ear and his mark on this product was evident from the beginning. So the question is how were they doing once the deal with Monster evaporated, were they able to truly sustain and push the envelope? I have heard mixed feelings on the quality of Beats post Monster deal and that makes you wonder if part of this deal is the need for Apples production expertise.

Will Beats Lose Its Edge Pairing with Apple?

However, if Beats really does become a part of Apple is it going to lose that competitive spirit that made it so different? While Apple has revolutionized many products of its own, headphones has never been their strong suit. This is a very smart move for Apple to get that name on its products and be able to add the Beats logo to what I’m sure will be a Beats Edition iPhone released in the near future. Question remains will it just be great marketing and no guts or will Apple be able to improve on the product?

As seen in recent years, especially walking around at CES, headphones are all the rage yet again. More and more headphones companies come out each year, trying to be the next pair of Beats worn by all the sports stars. Beats reinvented the headphone as a fashion statement and the integration of music with our cell phones made them a part of our daily lives. I’m curious to see what actually happens with this deal, if it does go through what the fallout will be. Does this open doors for another headphone company to step up and get the hipster market, or does it solidify Beats position?

I am always looking for a new pair of headphones to find that perfect sound, I just have a really hard time justifying $300 on a pair just to find out how much I like or dislike them. Much of the hype is all great marketing, which I appreciate since I’m in that business. I would however just love to see a pair of headphones that really sound great and isn’t just a fashion statement come out of this.

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Jet Setting Mother’s Day Luxury Gift Guide

pinup girl yellow dress wind airplane hat

Is your mom more of jet setter than a Suzy Homemaker? Are you more likely to be able to find her via text message than knocking on the front door? Then this Mother’s Day gift guide is PERFECT for you and her.

These gifts are for the mom that is always on the go and likes things a little more contemporary and modern. She’s more likely be looking through her fabulous, yet practical, tote to find her tablet than a grocery list. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to have fun. She’s can leave work at work, but she still wants to have fun.

Electra Bike Amsterdam Royal 8i
- Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i Bike  A modern take on the Dutch city bike, the Amsterdam will make you fall in love with cycling all over again with its elegant combination of practicality, comfort and style. The fast-rolling 700c wheels mixed with our patented Flat Foot Technology® provide a nice, easy ride while the full chainguard and fenders let you ride without fear of messing up your threads.  It’s perfect for everyday transportation, running errands or just rolling around town. Some models are dressed up with additional features like a coat/skirt guards, racks, lights and the coveted bell. Ding, ding. Be sure to check out the new Love, Joyride and Bloom ladies’ fashion editions.

cocolectric monthly chocolate delivery box
- Cococlectic Monthly Chocolate Subscription. Mom is so busy, running around being fantastic. You could give her a gift that comes to HER DOOR. Cococlectic (, a brand new monthly craft chocolate subscription company based out of San Francisco. Each month they send out the most delectable gourmet chocolates from rare or more obscure brands – a perfect Mothers Day gift that keeps on giving! She’ll think of you every month when she finds her chocolate gift box waiting for her.

Camp Director Tote in Mint from ModCloth


- ModCloth Camp Director Tote  Ensure that Mom is perfectly prepared by packing her sketchbook, laptop, and sunglasses into this rustically refined tote.  Camp Director Tote in Mint from ModCloth‘s slim, square silhouette is constructed from sturdy, soft green fabric, then adorned with dark brown faux-leather handles and studded embellishments. To make it even more practical and picturesque, this bag also arrives with a front pocket, adjustable shoulder strap, three-snap closure, and a silky, patterned lining of cocoa and white. For a look that commands a smile wherever you wander, grab this timeless tote!



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Unexpected Luxury Mother’s Day Gift Guide

pinup girl with toy alligator yellow lingerie

Are you in a gift rut when it comes to Mother’s Day? Not sure what to get mom that you haven’t given her before? What if you just want to do something your mom won’t see coming? After all these years, it will be great to keep her on her toes.

STORMp3 in shower music player

- STORMp3 In Shower Music Player Does Mom’s smart phone or tablet may not belong near a steamy shower but the STORMp3 Player sure does. It has a waterproof exterior that will allow her to play her favorite music anywhere, while never risking her smart phone or tablet getting wet again! It also features a sleek design and powerful, built-in speakers. You aren’t just improving her daily bath experience; you are giving her a portable music speaker to use while on a picnic in the park, barbecuing or swimming – anywhere she goes!  $59.95 at

Mothers day gift basket - Le Bon Marché French Gift Basket This Mother’s Day, give mom luxurious, French delicatessens from Paris’ infamous La Grand Épicerie at Le Bon Marché that will be sure to spoil her palate.  Le Bon Marché is offering 7 hand-picked items in a sleek gift box which retails for ($119). The items are comprised of CHRISTINE FERBER Marmelade d’orange maltaises, (Marmalade of Malta Oranges), DOLFIN Chocolat amandes grillees, 70g, (Chocolate with toasted almonds) DOLFIN Chocolat noir au poivre rose, 70g, (Dark Chocolate with Red Pepper), LE TEMPS DES METS Preparation a base de sucre, arome barbe a papa, (Powdered sugar in cotton candy flavor), · LOV ORGANIC Thé vert a la rose, (Green tea perfumed with rose petals), · MIREILLE FAUCHER Madeleine aux oeufs frais, (Madeleines), QUAI SUD Riz au lait nougat et framboise, 180g, (Rice Pudding in nougat or raspberry) You can order online at La Grande Épicerie under the “Cadeaux Affaires” button where they will ship internationally, or you can email the store at

More unique mother’s day gifts after the jump!

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