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The First Five Of Greys Anatomy

Alrighty. I have to say that I have never taken the time to watch a full episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but there was so much buzz about the first five minutes being released of this season, that I had to watch.

TRUST ME that if you want to really enjoy the season premier on September 24th DO NOT WATCH THE VIDEO.

But if you DO watch, have some tissues handy.

Lance Armstrong's Secret Surgery!

lance-armstrong-screwed pic

I KNEW there was something fishy about the crash in Spain!!! Cycling News’ Special Edition is saying that while, yes, Lance Armstrong did break his collarbone (clavicle) in the bike race in Spain, the surgery isn’t what he has been telling all of us.

*Special Edition* Cycling News for April 1, 2009
Edited by the CN équipe Avril Imbécile

Sources within the Armstrong camp explained that initial reports that the break was a single, clean fracture were true. But the seven-time Tour winner had been told he could shave seconds per kilometre off of his time trials if only his shoulders weren’t so broad. The American decided that, since he faced several weeks of recovery from the broken bone anyhow, he might as well go through with a plan which would shorten both clavicles and narrow the width of his upper body.

Doctors cut out a section of the right clavicle before putting the bone back together with a plate and screws, then moved over to the previously intact left collarbone to duplicate the procedure. The surgery marks the first time an athlete has undergone such a radical surgery to gain a performance boost.

THAT’S INSANE!!!!! But, I wouldn’t put it past him… Surgically altering his body to be MORE AERODYNAMIC?

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Lance Armstrong shows his scar


It’s more of a scar in training, right now, it’s just a wound.   Lance Armstrong had a doctor,Dr. Elenz , over at his Austin home this morning to check out his incision, and of COURSE had to share.

Don’t worry Lance, chicks (and guys) dig scars ;-)