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Stephen Colbert and Andy Cohen Reenact Real Housewives on NY

There really isn’t anything better than watching Stephen Colbert play the part of nutjob Kelly Bensimon, to Andy Cohen’s Bethenny Frankel.

Andy was on the Colbert Report to promote the newest installment of the Real Housewives of DC. Colbert plied Andy with booze then they reenacted the “I’m up here, you’re down here” scene from RHONYC!

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Stephen Colbert is SCOOPED by Anderson Cooper VIDEO

stephen colbert red carpet anderson cooper elmo

Oh the PAIN of getting scooped by another news man. To know that a story bigger than the one you were working on gets pulled out after all the effort you put in is devastating. Stephen Colbert knows how that feels. He has just been SCOOPED by the COOP haha. oh uh ok… Anderson Cooper‘s 360, found Bubbles the chimp.


heehee Video below

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Stephen Colbert Talks to Biz Stone (twitter)

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Just who is Biz Stone? He’s the co-founder of Twitter! Yes another twitter post.

And something interesting from the interview, it seems that he hasn’t made ANY money from the FREE micro-blog site! He’s focusing on value not profit. Interesting. That is until this morning.

was reporting that internet giant, GOOGLE is in talks to BUY TWITTER for… ready?…. 250 million dollars.


And Yes, Stephen Colbert does have a real Twitter account… StephenAtHome