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Katie with Suri, what is she wearing?

Ok, you all know I have an unexplainable affinity for Katie Holmes. But girl is really pushing my limits with that outfit.  I just.. I can’t.

A veeeerrry tired looking Katie took entitled, tantrum throwing, brat Suri Cruise out for some cupcakes (shocker!) on Easter. Does Katie eat anything besides coffee and cupcakes? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I mean, that’s what I live on. Well, that and peanut butter. If you could make a peanut butter coffee, with a vanilla cupcake, I’d be in heaven.

Anyways, here’s Katie and her little terror in the making below.

Images by BauerGriffin

Katie Holmes gets a paparazzi welcome

Stepford wife, Katie Holmes gets caught in the wind as she returns to her apartment with a large crowd of paparazzi waiting for her.

No Suri in sight! And where is Tom Cruise? Not that I want photos of either Suri or Mr. Cruise, I’m just asking questions. :-)

And what in the world does Katie have in that parachute sized bag of hers? I hope it’s some GOOD scripts. Girl needs to get back to acting.

Images by BauerGriffin