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Honey Drops!!!!

star magazine cover popbytes

The Star is banking on Aniston fans this week - Popbytes

Is Posh following in Katie Holmes’ NY marathon footsteps? – Daily Stab

Who knew Sophie Monk and Adam Levine were even dating? – INO

Jessica Simpson blames “weather” on not being able to tell time - Bitten and Bound

Europe gets Rick Rolled!!! Rick Astley is the best ever! - Agent Bed Head

Oh yeah, Joaquin Phoenix isn’t an actor anymore – Dlisted

Daddy Spears, forever in charge - Celebrity Fashion Watcher

Neo Nazis CAUGHT planning to kill Obama! -Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Sophie Monk's bikini moment

There’s no reason for this post. It’s just Sophie Monk in a bikini. Isn’t this how you go to the beach? Pose Pose Pose… oh look the paparazzi. pose pose pose

Oh, and be careful one of these is NSFW.

you’re welcome.