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A reason to head to Miami! Lance Armstrong Is In Town!

Livestrong Wristband? Check.  Mellow Johnny hat? Check -busybee

I normally try to avoid pics of celebs and their kids, out of respect for the kids, but today I am making an exception.  7 time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong and current baby momma, Anna Hansen are in Miami soaking up the warm weather.  Along for the ride are their two kids together, Max and tiny Olivia.

Can you believe this man is 39?!?!?

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More pics below!

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Happy "Birthday" Lance Armstrong!

Lace Armstrong is 14 years old today. The 7 time Tour de France winner was first diagnosed with cancer, on 10.02.1996 and it changed his life forever.

He could have simply focused on himself from that day forward, but Lance Armstrong set up the Livestrong foundation to help raise money for research for cancer following his own search for treatment. Yup, all those yellow bracelets that were EVERYWHERE 6 years ago raised money for cancer research. You can also buy other products at LIVESTRONG.ORG.

I am really having a difficult time finding the words for this post, having had my own cancer scare, and most people in my family having had one form of cancer or another. Most dramatically my grandpa who is fighting lung cancer currently.

Happy birthday Lance.

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Sheryl Crow Adopts Second Son!!!

This just in from fellow Missouri Tiger Sheryl Crow‘s official website! She has adopted a second son. LEVI JAMES CROW!


Hey Everybody!

I have some exciting news to share with you guys-Wyatt has a new little brother! Levi James was born April 30th.

Just wanted you all to be the first to hear the good news!



Breast Cancer survivor Sheryl adopted her first son, Wyatt, in 2007.  How exciting! Congratulations to Sheryl, Wyatt and little Levi!

Come out and support ROCK OUT BEAT CANCER! June 19 Belly Up Tavern

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