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Gilles Marini Says his wife is "Perfect"

Gilles Marini and his wife Carole -BusyBeeBlogger

Doesn’t he just make your heart (and everything else) melt?   Gilles Marini, newest star of Brothers & Sisters, opened up to Stagger Magazine about his marriage, love, keeping things spicy, oh and his infamous shower scene in Sex and the City.  (holla!)

STAGGERED: How and when did you meet your wife, Carole?

GM: Carole and I met in a bar in the south of France, and when I laid eyes on her, oulala, I completely felt that she was the sexiest woman on Earth. We have now been married for 11 years in April. I am a very lucky man.

STAGGERED: How did you know she was “The One”?

GM: Well, it took me some time; I’d say a couple of days. (Laughs.) I mean, it’s hard to explain in words. To me, Carole has everything; she completes me in so many different ways. She balances me out and has always been so supportive of all of my dreams, whatever they were. She is perfect.


STAGGERED: You and Carole seem to have such a happy and loving marriage, what’s your secret?

GM: We have a lot of love for one another and we support one another. We communicate with one another, and respect one another. We also share strong family values, and yes, we have a lot of sex. (Laughs.)

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Kristin Davis Is Casual Cool

One of my favorite actresses, Kristin Davis was spotted out and about in Brentwood, CA this past weekend looking so casual cool.

Kristin, not to be confused with the other Kristin Davis the“former madam” running for office in New York, kept it cool during our West coast heat wave by ducking into the Whole Foods.

Ms. Davis will be visiting The Oprah Show this week to talk about her work with elephants! No joke.

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Kristin Davis and her Jimmy Choo Shoes

The only one of the Sex and the City women who is online, is Kristin Davis.  Her facebook is updated often, even if it is by her publicist, with personal stories and photos.

And with the Sex and the City 2 movie premiering all over the world, Kristin is showing the perks of the job.  Yesterday, she stopped by famed shoe creater Jimmy Choo!

These are specic customer’s forms used to make the shoe for perfectly

While we were in London I had the honor of meeting Jimmy Choo himself!
He is measuring me for a handmade pair of Couture shoes. We got to see the traditional used so rarely now in our modern world. It was amazing [Facebook]

I love that she is still grateful for all of the things that happen with her due to the SATC experience.

Quotes and pics via Kristin Davis’ Facebook